Favourite videos

With the proviso that extracts don't fully convey the emotional aspect of dance, here are some of my favourite clips.

Oh yes, and a brief explanation. Liam Scarlett is a choreographer at the Royal Ballet and said this when talking about Frankenstein, one of his ballets:

I think some of the best pieces of art or literature or music are the ones that say something enough but also give room for interpretation. To let them maybe connect with their own personal experiences and take something that they’ve seen on stage and have an empathy with it and that’s kind of what I always endeavour to do - is to, I want people to feel something when they watch the work.

It is this emotional connection that I look for in a ballet rather than technical brilliance or musicality or anything else - I want to be moved when I see ballet, I want to feel.

The one that started it - Alessandra Ferri in Romeo and Juliet...

Simply the way she falls to the ground at 3.05 is exquisite.

Alessandra Ferri dancing to music by Bach, played by Sting.

Alessandra Ferri rehearsing Woolf Works

with Federico Bonelli and the choreographer, Wayne McGregor. Alessandra Ferri moved to America and retired before I could get to see her, but she recently came out of retirement and I finally got to see her. The full ballet is my favourite by some way.

Alessandra Ferri in Chéri

Just a trailer I'm afraid, that only hints at how beautifully she dances this, with Herman Conejo.

Introducing Natalia Osipova...

Her eloquence here gives some insight into why her dancing is so emotionally powerful making her, along with Alessandra Ferri and Yasmine Naghdi my other 'must see' dancer.

Natalia Osipova dancing Giselle

Leading on from the interview and rehearsals above, here she is with Carlos Acosta. Hannah and I got a little teary eyed...

Natalia Osipova in Facada

Breaking from the traditional heroine who pines and dies for lost love, she kills her reluctant groom and then, dancing on his grave, she is madness. Hannah and I were blown away by this ballet - such passion with Ivan Vasiliev.

Sweet Violets: Leanne Cope and Thiago Soares with Liam Scarlett

I'd love to see this when it returns but, until then, I've got tickets for Frankenstein, also choreographed by Liam Scarlett. It's so interesting to see choreographers' input in these rehearsal videos.

After The Rain

I've got tickets for this, with, I think, Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares (taking the parts here of Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith); I've not seen either of them dance live before so looking forward to that.

Bolshoi Ballet - Dance of the Indian Dolls

I was lucky enough to see this, back in the 80s, and it's my favoutite version of this piece.

Sergei Polunin - Take Me To Church

I've got tickets to see him dancing with Natalia Ospiova, woo - and, indeed, yay.

Phillip Chbeeb and Renee Kester

A contemporary fusion.