Kilchoan to Dornie The sun came out, the roads smoothed out and opened out a bit D600-150603-090646
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i5-150603-091635 D600-150603-104926 D600-150603-110100
D600-150603-110144 D600-150603-111052 D600-150603-110604
D600-150603-110950 D600-150603-111018 D600-150603-112328
i5-150603-113150 i5-150603-115849 i5-150603-115909
i5-150603-115921 D600-150603-120012 D600-150603-120408
D600-150603-120438 D600-150603-120450 D600-150603-120510 01
D600-150603-120720 i5-150603-121307 i5-150603-123758
View from a nice litle café D600-150603-141706 i5-150603-152846
View from the night's gaff Eilean Donan - the most photographed castle in Scotland... i5-150603-205800
That's a lot of people ;-(